GLITCH Hey There Pumpkin Kit
GLITCH Hey There Pumpkin Kit
GLITCH Hey There Pumpkin Kit

GLITCH Hey There Pumpkin Kit

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This is final sale - I cannot cancel a glitch order once placed as stock is super limited.

Includes all pages of this kit. Most glitches do not come with double boxes, glitter headers, fashion girls, or other extras, however the newest Luxe kits in the latest format might include some or all extras seen included in the original, non-glitch release of the kit.

These stickers are imperfect, which is why they are being sold at a discount. I have a rigorous quality control system in place, and if a sheet doesn't pass, it gets put in one of these kits.

There are several reasons why a sheet could be deemed a "glitch". These include, but are not limited to,

1) The cut lines not being completely centered. This is the MAIN reason a sticker page will become a misfit, and they are usually only off by a tenth of a millimeter. 
2) A smudge on a sticker.
3) The ink being slightly off upon printing, resulting in a slightly different color or faint lines in the ink.
4) The sheet corner being bent.
5) Cuts being a bit shallow, causing a bit of stick when you remove the sticker.

In the case of foil, Glitches could be black spots within the foil or uneven foiling. 

Please DO NOT ORDER if this is going to bother you.

These babies are hand made by me with love!